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Friday, 13 March 2015

Tools of the trade

After working away from the office all day I thought I would take stock of what I had felt to be the essentials and carried around with me all day. Not sure what this says about me really, but was amused by the things that I think are ‘essential’.

One man bag
Spare headphones
Laptop and charger, mouse
2 pens and One broken pencil
Imperial College branded Notepad and spare notepad
Scientific papers to review (unread)
Students exam papers (unmarked)
Highbrow science journal (unopened)
Some work to do (undone)
Less highbrow news magazine (gossip and entertainment sections read)
Nerdy sci-fi book (reading whilst feeling guilty about not doing work on commute)
Gloves and My granny’s scarf
Glasses case
Waterproof map cases (large and small)
Glasses case
Running things, trainers, socks etc
Shampoo, shower gel and towel
iPhone and charger
Wallet, keys, swipe card
High vis arm band? Purpose unknown

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